"The Lost Tape" EP

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“Sidney B is the future of pop music, his sound and style is something that is missing in today's music.”

-Legendary Record Promoter, Ron Herbert

Born in Nice, France; currently living in Los Angeles and having traveled all over the world–including living and making music with indigenous people on a small South Pacific island – Sidney B has explored and immersed himself in almost every genre of music there is.

From the house beats of Europe through the funk of Latin America to the lyrical rap of the US, each area has imparted its unique music influence on Sidney, who now brings these styles together into an irresistible pop package.


His slick, radio-ready tracks are accompanied by self-directed fast paced videos, making this artist a triple threat that’s ready to take centre stage.

With millions of views on Youtube and an international fanbase, Sidney B is on the brink of much-deserved US success–but you can be sure that he won’t stop there....

Photo CreditsMarc Victor Photography

"A fresh blend of pop,

rap and funk that is both inventive and fun!"

Music Connection Magazine-

"...Talent, style, charm, good looks,

passion, and an international appeal.”


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